domingo, 18 de março de 2012


So many times I've been falling and falling out of the reins of logic
Spanking of my lonelyness
Assuming I could be must nobler and stronger than the reason
Believing in the power of my truth...
But the truth is: life is not easy!

I was losing myself and losing my step when I met you
And now all I have is the waltz of my silence
Beating morbidly in my emptiness, in my holeness, in my uncommunicateness...

Maybe I never had before the 'control'
And everything was just wishful and sweet illusion
A gentle lie that I told to myself
To comfort the pain of the days...

Now the candy and sweet honey become bitter in my mouth and in my soul
And I feel that I never will find my faith again...
I put my disire and my spirit to the test
well, I'm leanning my lesson...

But the sun shines out side
And I must learn to fly again!

Óhhh sovereign spirit of the light
Tell me what I should do
Return the hot wind into my lungs and my veins
Blow on my wings a new sing
Cause I want to fly again
I must to fly alone again!